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"Louis Jannuzzi III, who played Wayne was not only everything I aspire to be as a trombone player, but also had one of the most emotion-filled voices I’ve ever heard. I find myself after the fact scrolling through certain songs just to hear Wayne featured, and the original recording really doesn’t hold a candle to what Jannuzzi was able to do."


- TU Collegian

Heading 2

"Another standout performance is Louis Jannuzzi III as the compulsively organized former marine Wayne Wright. Both Zaromatidis and Jannuzzi have the impressive ability to take control of the stage, gripping the audience’s attention and delivering the most captivating performances of the show."


- The Observer (South Bend, IN)

Mr. Holland's Opus

"There are strong vocal performances and character portrayals throughout the production...“Gone the Son” is another standout song, featuring Louis Jannuzzi III as Timothy Stadler."

- The Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME)



Me And My Girl

"As Bill Snibson, Louis Jannuzzi III is cheeky and endearing...he also excels at physical humor. He is delightful in "Leaning on a Lamppost," and proves himself a good hoofer (tapper) as well."

- The Morning Call

The Producers 

"From just across the Delaware, in Hillsborough, N.J., is Louis Jannuzzi III, performing at (Bristol Riverside Theatre) for the first time and astonishing the audience playing his violin while dancing in the opening number – a local man on his way to fame, perhaps."

- The Bucks County Herald


The Fantasticks 

"As Matt, the young man, Louis Jannuzzi is simply outstanding. His acting is flawless, his songs so perfectly sung. He appeared to be totally lovesick over Luisa but handled well the sword fight and the torture as he learned of the "real world."

- BroadwayWorld

The Diary of Anne Frank 

“Jannuzzi had shining moments as Peter being an awkward teenager, and he used them all very well.”

                   - Lehigh Valley Stage

“Peter Van Daan, played by Louis Jannuzzi III, is a charming highlight of the show."

                      - The Morning Call

The Fiddler on the Roof 

“And...comes the fiddler who sits on a roof and plays. Here, he's Louis Jannuzzi III, as a symbol of life's precariousness, delivering a lilt one moment, a lift another and a looming note of warning that times will change, not always easily. Talk about universal.”

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